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Black History National Historic Sites in Ontaro

National Historic Sites relating to black history include individual houses, settlements, churches, and places associated with abolitionist activities.

Amherstburg First Baptist Church
Western Region

Buxton Settlement
… farming community established in 1849 by Underground Railroad refugees
21975 A D Shadd Road, North Buxton
Western Region

George Brown House
… home of abolitionist, journalist and father of Confederation George Brown
186 Beverley Street, Toronto
Central Region

Griffin House      
… home and 50-acre farm purchased in 1834 by Enerals Griffin, a fugitive from slavery in Virginia, and his wife Pricilla
64 Sulphur Springs Road, Ancaster
Central Region

Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church
… 1848 vernacular fieldstone chapel associated with the Underground Railroad and Bishop Willis Nazery
227 King Street, Amherstburg
Western Region

Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church
… 1849 church in one of Canada’s oldest African-Canadian settlements, established after the War of 1812, and northernmost stop on the Underground Railroad
Simcoe Road, Oro
Western Region

Osgoode Hall
… neo-classical courthouse where cases protecting fugitive slaves from extradition back into slavery were heard
130 Queen Street East, Toronto
Central Region

R. Nathaniel Dett British Methodist Episcopal Church
… 1836 church involved with welcoming Underground-Railroad refugees and later associated with renowned black composer Nathaniel Dett
5674 Peer Street, Niagara Falls   
Central Region

Sandwich First Baptist Church
… 1851 church and terminal for the Underground Railroad
3652 Peter Street, Windsor
Western Region

St. Catherines British Methodist Episcopal Church
… 1855 church built by freedom-seekers and associated with Underground-Railroad conductor, Harriet Tubman
92 Geneva Street, Niagara Falls
Central Region

St. Lawrence Hall
… elegant 1851 public hall where abolitionist groups met and prominent abolitionists like Frederick Douglass spoke
157 King Street East, Toronto
Central Region

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