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NHSAO Membership Fees 2013-14

In April 2012, the National Historic Sites Alliance for Ontario (NHSAO) launched its first membership campaign in an effort to diversify its revenue stream. This membership initiative was implemented as a direct result of the NHSAO's incorporation in September 2011 and the subsequent termination of its government funding arrangement. The 2012 membership initiative was instrumental in sustaining the work of the NHSAO and demonstrated the value of the organization to its constituent members.

We are now in the midst of launching a membership campaign for our 2013-14 fiscal year. The current membership term begins September 1, 2013 and expires August 31, 2014. All sites that have made membership payments since January 1, 2013 will have their memberships extended to include the entire 2013-14 term.

Similar to last year, the fee structure is based on your site's operating budget. There are new fee categories to cover organizations that represent more than one National Historic Site but support the work of the NHSAO and also individuals and organizations that do not represent a National Historic Site but support the work of the NHSAO.

While the new NHSAO will continue to serve all National Historic Sites in Ontario, sites that pay membership fees will be considered "contributing members." Contributing members will benefit from:

  • access to special cooperative marketing opportunities;

  • discounts at selected NHSAO workshops, conferences and networking events;

  • voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting; and

  • the opportunity to participate in a joint partnership with the Heritage Canada Foundation and Trust organizations worldwide.

To enjoy the benefits of being a contributing member, we kindly request that you submit a membership form (click here), a partnership form if you wish to take advantage of that opportunity (click here), and membership fees by August 31, 2013.

Fees can be paid by PayPal or cheque. Those paying by PayPlal should enter their information here.

Membership Categories


The NHSAO Board looks forward to your continued support in protecting and promoting Ontario's national treasures.